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College Leadership

A Message from the President

Since 1838, Judson has been and continues to be a remarkable place for women.

David Potts, College President

Women’s colleges demonstrate an extraordinary pattern of positive effects. Students are more academically involved, interact with faculty frequently, show increases in intellectual self-esteem, and are more satisfied with practically all aspects of the college experience, according to Alexander Astin in Four Critical Years. Women’s colleges increase the chances that women will obtain positions of leadership, complete the baccalaureate degree and aspire to higher degrees.

While Judson seeks to embrace students from diverse backgrounds and religions, the College is unapologetically Christian in her worldview. Providing opportunities for service, volunteering, worship, and Bible study are integral to the College and her relevance to society and you.

Extraordinary leadership opportunities in honor societies, student government association, dormitory councils, and a host of other clubs and organizations assure women of opportunities to develop leadership skills. Intercollegiate and intramural sports, a Wellness Center, and activity courses encourage teamwork and fitness. Horseback riding, canoeing and cycling are activities unique to the beautifully rural setting of the College.

Helen Keller once said, “One should not be compelled to creep, when one feels the impulse to soar.” Judson College seeks to nurture your dreams and ambitions.

If this brief letter piques your interest about Judson College, but you are concerned about the absence of men in this environment, let me assure you that you will enjoy the best of both worlds. Your classes will be single-sex, but the college corps of cadets at Marion Military Institute will provide ample opportunity for formal and informal interaction.

I hope that you will continue your visit with Judson College by browsing academic and extracurricular information on our website. You may request information on the College at

David E. Potts
Judson College President