Mission and Vision


Judson College, a private, undergraduate institution committed to academic excellence in the arts, sciences, and professional studies, offers distinguished student-centered academic programs in a residential, single-gender setting and through distance education to both genders.  As a caring, collegiate community related to the Alabama Baptist Convention, Judson College is dedicated to maturing its students into well-adjusted and productive citizens through the transmission of knowledge, the refinement of intellect, the nurturing of faith, the promotion of service, and the development of character.  Resulting from these efforts, Judson graduates will:

  • Be knowledgeable in their academic area and be informed and contributing members of their communities;
  • Think critically and communicate effectively;
  • Be persons of enduring faith and character who are eager to serve and to lead.


The twenty-first century marks the beginning of Judson’s third century of service.  The College must consider all that is behind her a preamble to the future.  The institution will endeavor to become the finest Christian college of arts, sciences, and professional studies for women in America.  Twenty-first century students must be academically prepared for life and learning, always ready to exemplify the light and teachings of Christ.

 Core Values                                                                         

Judson College is a purposeful, caring community of students and employees who live, work, serve, and learn together, and who are united by faith in God and adherence to Christian traditions.  Based upon the character and teaching of Christ, the Judson community commits itself to “Principles of Light and Truth” that frame our common concerns and core values.  Acceptance of these values is a pledge to exercise them consistently in our treatment of others, and to expect to be treated in kind.

As a Christian community, the College embraces:

  • Faith in God, adherence to Christian traditions, commitment to the ministry and mission of the Christian church;
  • The infinite worth of persons and the development of the full potential of each person at every stage in life, and “love of neighbor as one’s self;”
  • The lifelong pursuit of knowledge and understanding;
  • The making of ethical choices based on the life of Christ, the teachings of the Bible, the well-being of others, and an informed conscience;
  • Openness, truthfulness, justice, and fairness to all people regardless of gender, ethnic origin, age, and level of ability; and respect for persons who embrace opinions, beliefs, convictions and religions different from our own;
  • The aspiration for personal achievement, economic self-sufficiency, and public usefulness;
  • A work ethic characterized by diligence, honesty, stewardship, and a sincere effort to do one’s best;
  • Service to community and constituency, within the College and the wider society.