Judson College Biology students receive an educational experience that challenges them to become well-rounded, environmentally-aware, and scientifically adept women.

Judson College Biology majors have successfully obtained careers in medicine, dentistry, optometry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, clinical laboratories, graduate programs, and many entry-level areas of employment.

Students appreciate the intensive career counseling programs of the department and the personal education that they receive in the Biology program at Judson College. Biology majors have been extremely successful in fulfilling their career goals. A long-standing tradition of achievement by biology majors has paved a road for future students who attend Judson College.

The Kappa Sigma chapter of the Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society, the Science Club, the Earth Team, and Judson’s Chapter of the Cahaba River Society offer leadership opportunities along with outstanding educational and friendship experiences. Judson students develop professional skills while they learn about science and serve their college, department, and natural heritage.

A strong emphasis is placed on natural history studies and community service projects. These activities provide students with research experiences and also contribute to a major conservation effort to preserve the Cahaba River, which is the last free-flowing river in Alabama. Biology students helped create the local Perry Lakes Park, which is six miles from campus and is located on the Cahaba River.

See a video about Dr. Wilson’s (and Judson’s) involvement in local Perry Lakes Park.

In addition to an outstanding selection of basic courses, the Judson Biology program offers exceptional and unusual courses such as Epigenetics, Orinthology, Animal Science, and Immunology. Biology instruction and coursework at Judson is technology-centered.  Charlotte G. Lowder Science Building has a modern molecular biology laboratory equipped with many of the instruments needed to teach and learn the important procedures of contemporary science. This includes a strong tradition of microscopy, including a research-grade EVOS epifluorescence microscope.

The Biology Department sponsors numerous interesting field trips, off-campus educational experiences, and fun activities. Biology faculty and students routinely canoe local rivers, take study trips to the Gulf Coast (Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory, Weeks Bay Nature Preserve, and Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge), and maintain the birding list for our local park.

Biology majors who demonstrate academic abilities and talent are often invited to work as laboratory assistants in the department.

Requirements for the Biology major and minor may be found in the Judson College Academic Catalog.

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