Accounting is a growing field with opportunities in such areas as public accounting, business and industry (corporate), government, not-for-profit, and education. A minor in accounting at Judson can be your first step toward working in these fields.

If you want to sit for the CPA Exam, the Judson minor in accounting will provide you with a strong foundation to achieve this goal.  Take classes toward the CPA requirement, and be prepared for entering grad school and completing those requirements! These classes provide you with the foundation necessary to attend graduate school in accounting and to eventually sit for the CPA Exam. Since a master’s degree is not required to sit for the exam, a student may also elect to finish these requirements at Judson College.

Upon her graduation from Judson, a student will have earned at least 128 credit hours towards the 150 at baccalaureate-or-higher level required for CPA candidates.  With a major in Business Administration (39 hours), a Judson graduate will have completed the 30 credit hours of Business courses, including Business Law, required to sit for the CPA exam.  Adding a minor in accounting will further provide the student with 21 of the 33 required credit hours of upper-division accounting classes.

Even if you decide not to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam, businesses are looking for individuals who understand profit and loss statements, income reports, and the budgeting process.  These are important components of managing any organization.  (You’ll be prepared equally well for that here, too.) Judson’s accounting program allows you to gain valuable real-world experience through an internship in accounting. Many of our former students have interned in the fields of taxation, corporate, public, and not-for-profit accounting.

Contact Dr. Joann Williams for more information about the doors Judson’s accounting minor can open for you!

Dr. Joann K. Williams 
Head of the Business Administration Department
(334) 683-5135