Dr. Joan Williams teaching a class menu

Business Administration

Judson College’s B.A. and B.S. degrees in Business Administration are designed to provide students with a common body of knowledge that will prepare them to excel in graduate study and professional positions in various fields of commerce.

Successful business administration graduates will be grounded in the liberal arts and competent in the use of technology for word processing and data management, analysis, and presentations. Courses from Accounting to Statistics to Advertising are presented with a computer lab component in addition to lecture so students will master the technology in those areas as well as gain a solid grounding in the theory.

Classes like Accounting, Business Technology Applications, and Web Site Development are designed to support the Business program and to prepare students to be productive in the use of technology for business applications.

Judson College Business students have presented papers at the annual conference on Emerging Issues in Business and Technology and at the Southern Industrial Relations and Human Resources conferences. Our students also have opportunities to present locally to the Marion City Council and the Perry County Chamber of Commerce. Field trips and speakers are also a part of regular course study.

Former Judson Business students are currently working the fields of computer science, marketing, accounting, financial services, human resources, customer service, and management.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Joann Williams
Business Administration Department Head
(334) 683-5135