Requirements for Admission

“Now, when a Judson Girl walks down the street,
She looks a hundred par from head to feet.
She’s got a walk, a smile, a winning way,
And when you look at her,
You’ll recognize her, and you’ll say,
‘Now, there’s a girl I’d like to know.
She’s got that JC Spirit pep and go.
And just to look at her is quite a treat;
It’s hard to beat a Judson Girl.’”
      – Judson traditional Step-Sing song

Judson College women are known for standing out in a crowd. Our admissions process allows you to showcase your unique skills and talents.

Admissions decisions are based on performance on the ACT and/or SAT, high school grade point average, personal character references,  and extracurricular involvement. Our Admissions Office reviews each application on an individual basis to evaluate an applicant’s abilities and determine her potential success as a Judson student.

Minimum composite ACT score: 18
Or Minimum SAT score: 960
Or Classic Learning Test (CLT) score: 61

Minimum GPA: 2.0

The college preparatory curriculum minimum unit requirements for regular admission are

  • Four units of English

  • Three units of social studies

  • Two units of natural science

  • Two units of mathematics (algebra is strongly recommended)

  • Five units of electives, with two units of a foreign language recommended