At Judson, we believe that learning doesn’t always take place inside the classroom.  Learning also happens when students are helping maintain a local nature preserve, are interacting with faculty and staff members after class is over, and when they’re learning self-discipline and teamwork on our athletic courts and fields.  If you’re looking for a college where you can play basketball and be intentionally mentored by staff members who want to help you learn about life and leadership–all while getting a degree that will prepare you for a career–then Judson is the place for you.

Meet the Coach

Cynthia White has a passion for helping Judson student-athletes be the best they can be, both on and off the court. A college athlete herself, Coach White has significant experience mentoring young women. She served as International Mission Board missionary in Cape Town, South Africa, where she played and coached basketball while sharing the love of Christ. Coach White currently coaches basketball and volleyball at Judson.  She strives to help her student-athletes learn to use their gifts and talents to honor God.

Interested in playing basketball?

Contact Coach White at or (334) 683-5249.