Artist Ashleigh Hagan featured at Tucker Gallery | Judson College


Artist Ashleigh Hagan featured at Tucker Gallery

The exhibition, “Wonder Women: United”, features original digital paintings of senior art student, Ashleigh Noelle Hagan. Shown at the Marian Acree Tucker Gallery at Judson College in Marion, AL the show opened April 13th, 2015 and ran through April 17th, 2015. The artist gave a brief lecture on her work in the Adams-Armstrong Lecture Hall in the Charlotte G. Lowder Science Building.

Originally from Lawrenceburg, TN, Hagan entered Judson College as a freshman in 2010. She hadn’t taken any art classes until she began her education at Judson College. Despite this, she’d always had a passion for art and practiced on her own. Hagan’s emphasis has changed each year because she enjoyed almost every medium she experienced. Digital painting is her chosen medium, and she displays her skill in this exhibition.

Hagan draws inspiration from social injustices to fuel her work. She used Wonder Woman as a visual icon to inspire women to realize their own strength and stand up for themselves. The colors of Wonder Woman’s super suit were used to outfit women from different races, backgrounds, job placements, and ways of life. Through her work, Hagan hopes to encourage women to put their prejudices against each other aside and join together.

The works in the exhibition are for sale. For more information about the work or the artist, contact Jamie Adams at 334.683.5251.​