Judson Music Department presents "Musical Hors d'oeuvres" program | Judson College


Judson Music Department presents “Musical Hors d’oeuvres” program

On September 17 at 11:30a.m., the Judson College Music Department will present its first “Musical Hors d’oeuvres” performance in Alumnae Auditorium.

A Musical Hors d’oeuvres program will be held each month in Alumnae Auditorium on the Judson College campus. Each 25-minute performance, given by music faculty and students during the hour before lunch, is designed to “whet” audience members’ musical appetites by providing short sets of pieces that allow listeners to experience new music without the length of a full concert.

Thursday’s performance will be given by Dr. Sadie Frazier, Assistant Professor of Music (Vocal Performance), and Cindy St. Clair, Assistant Professor of Music (Piano Performance). Frazier and St. Clair will perform 3 sets of music: 3 German songs by Gustav Mahler, 4 songs by Robert Schumann from his cycle called Liederkreis, opus 39, and a French aria from Charles Gounod’s opera Faust​, on the epic poem by German Romantic poet Goethe.  Translations of texts will be provided in a program booklet, and performers will introduce each set or piece with information about the composer and setting.

All Musical Hors d’oeuvres performances are free and open to the public.