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Extreme Mustang Makeover champion Taylor McIntosh offers clinics for Judson Equine Science program

During the spring 2017 semester, the Judson College Equine Science program enjoyed a new partnership with clinician and trainer Taylor McIntosh.

“To have such a well-known and talented clinician as a resource for our program is invaluable, said Dr. Pamela Mitcham, Equine Science Department Head.  “Taylor’s teaching style really engages our students, and they have so much fun in his clinics. I don’t think they truly realize how hard he has them working and how much information he’s really giving them until it’s all over,” Mitcham said.

Taylor McIntosh is an American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Professional Horseman who specializes in colt starting, competitive trail horses, and rope horses. In 2014 McIntosh competed in the Mustang Heritage Foundation’s Extreme Mustang Makeover, a national training competition in which trainers have 100 days to gentle, halter break, saddle train, and demonstrate competitive riding skills with a wild, untouched American Mustang. McIntosh and his partner horse Owen were named 2014’s Extreme Mustang Makeover champions.

McIntosh has continued his work as a clinician, trainer, and competitor who now trains others to become confident in their horsemanship. When McIntosh contacted Jennifer Hoggle, Assistant Professor of Equine Science, and offered to lead a riding clinic for Judson Equine Science students, Hoggle and Mitcham were “thrilled” to invite him to the Judson campus.

McIntosh has led clinics at Judson twice this semester. In late January, he offered a mini “groundwork” clinic for Hoggle’s students in the Natural Horsemanship class. “Groundwork” includes exercises in communication and timing between a dismounted rider and her horse. McIntosh also worked with Judson IHSA team members in a mounted clinic.

Photo by Jennifer Hoggle
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Mitcham said McIntosh’s work with students in his clinics is “remarkable”. “He’s very serious about identifying the goals of the individual rider,” said Mitcham, “but he takes an approach that includes humor, fun and encouragement that leads his students to incredible breakthroughs.”

McIntosh visited again on March 27 for three sessions: one with Equine Science faculty and riding instructors, and two with students. “Both student sessions filled up quickly when we announced he was coming back!,” said Mitcham.

“It is an honor to have friends like Taylor McIntosh who are willing to help our students become more confident in their own riding and abilities,” said Hoggle.  “I believe that horses bring out the best in people, and I’m honored to be able to work with friends to instill the best in our students.”

For more information about Taylor McIntosh, visit mcintoshequine.com. For more information about the Equine Science program at Judson College, visit www.judson.edu or call (800) 447-9472.

*Note: Since this article was published, McIntosh returned to campus (November 2017) to lead more riding workshops for Judson equine science students.