Student Life

“What is there about Judson that makes each of her daughters say with pride, ‘I am a Judson Girl’?” –The Conversationalist, 1941

There’s something special about Judson.  Many students recognize it the first time they walk onto our campus.  They experience a feeling that is difficult to describe or explain.  We call this the Judson Spirit.

During your time as a student, you’ll come to recognize the Judson Spirit.  You’ll find it as you find belonging in campus organizations and as you form lifelong friendships.  You’ll hear it in the voices of faculty and staff members as they express their genuine concern for you and challenge you to be your best self.  You’ll recognize the Judson Spirit in the beauty of our historic campus and in the traditions that bind you to 180 classes of women who have stood where you stand now.  Like them, you’ll feel the Judson Spirit as you strive to live out the Honor Code and answer our Alma Mater’s call to “high endeavor, lofty thought, and noble deed.”

Student Life programs at Judson are designed to help you discover and embrace the Judson Spirit as you find the friendship, belonging, and sense of purpose you need to become all that God calls you to be.