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Goals and Student Achievements

Judson College evaluates student achievement in a way that is consistent with our mission, especially in relation to our aim of producingwell-adjusted and productive citizens through the transmission of knowledge, refinement of intellect, the nurturing of faith, the promotion of service, and the development of character.”

Judson College evaluates success, especially with respect to an appropriate consideration of job placement rates, placement in graduate school, course completion, and licensure examinations.

Job Placement and Graduate School

Judson College tracks job placement and graduate school placement statistics for her graduates.

As noted in the Institutional Effectiveness Procedures Manual, the Office of Institutional Research offers the Recent Graduate Activity Survey each September. In the survey, graduates from the prior year are surveyed to determine if they are working or enrolled in graduate school. (The College also offers the “Graduate Opinion Survey” wherein she surveys graduates from 5 and 10 years ago and includes statements that relate to the mission of Judson College. The survey’s content is similar in nature to the content of the Graduating Senior Survey in order to evaluate graduates’ perspectives 5 and/or 10 years after graduation).

The 2012 survey indicates that 96% of graduates from the 2008-2012 classes were either employed or enrolled in school.

43 out of 62 (or 69%) of 2012 graduates are employed, while 16 out of 62 (or 26%) of graduates were enrolled in “graduate or other” school.

Only 1 member of the 2012 graduating class was not located, and only 2 students indicated that they were neither working nor in school.

Thinking and Conversing Deeply about Vocation

In the summer of 2014, Judson a Director of Career and Calling Initiatives, whose responsibility is to discuss with students the academic majors and vocations that they should explore and to employ resources and assessments to help students think deeply about their vocational futures.

Course Completion

Judson College’s Office of Financial Aid oversees the academic progress of student financial aid recipients (Satisfactory Academic Progress).  The United States Department of Education has determined that Judson’s Title IV policies meet the standards outlined in the Higher Education Act and that the College is eligible to administer Title IV funds.

The Judson College Academic Catalog describes the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy for Title IV aid.  As seen in the following table, this policy includes both quantitative (course completion) and qualitative (cumulative grade point average) requirements.


Year Completed Minimum Cumulative GPA Minimum Number of Hours Completed (Full-Time Students) Minimum Number of Hours Completed (Part-Time Students)
First Year 1.70 18 9
Second Year 2.00 36 18
Third Year 2.00 57 28
Fourth Year 2.00 79 39
Fifth Year 2.00 103 52
Sixth Year 2.00 128 64

Grades are closely monitored at the end of each semester with special emphasis on the spring semester.  If students are in violation of the standards listed above, they are notified in writing of said deficiency and are denied federal funds for the upcoming year.  Students can appeal the violation under certain conditions as described in 34 CFR 668.34

Financial aid funds are also returned as described in 34 CFR 668.22 if a student withdraws from all classes prior to completing 60% of the payment period (semester).

Judson College’s Grade Distribution by Course reflects that for the past three (3) years, 97.06% of the classes were completed and of this amount 95.30% were completed with a passing grade.


Retention rates are displayed in the Judson College Fact Book.  For the years 2008/2009, 2009/2010, 2010/2011, and 2011/2012, as displayed in the Judson College Fact Book, the average retention rate for that time period was 76.25%. This average exceeds national averages.

External Evaluations

Judson College also relies on bodies external to the college to help the college understand whether it is preparing students for a lifetime of achievement in their respective fields.

For example, Judson College’s Associate Degree in Nursing graduates may apply to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) in order to obtain licensure from the Alabama State Board of Nursing. Scores are noted in the Department’s Institutional Effectiveness reports, due to the Academic Dean at the conclusion of each academic year.  Regarding employment, a recent survey notes that 13 of the 20 graduates from the first graduating class of the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program have secured employment in the field of Health Care. In the spring of 2015, 100% of nursing students from the graduating cohort to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) passed on their first attempt.

Judson College Education majors take exams in order to become licensed teachers for the public school system in the State of Alabama. Scores on this exam are noted on the Department of Education’s Institutional Effectiveness Reports.

Prior to initial certification by the Alabama State Department of Education, Judson College teacher candidates also must complete all the Alabama Educator Certification Testing Program (AECTP) requirements for their major.  The Judson College Teacher Education Program follows the standard requirements for all teacher education programs throughout Alabama, as stated in the Teacher Education Handbook, and the Department was just re-approved by the Alabama State Department of Education to offer courses in Education for the next seven years.

Conclusion: Fulfilling the mission of Judson College

Each year the graduating seniors participate in the Graduating Senior Survey.  The scale for the survey is 1 to 5, with 1 indicating that a student “Strongly Disagrees” with the statement on the survey, “2” indicating that the student “disagrees” with the statement, 3 indicating that the student is “Neutral” (neither agrees nor disagrees with the statement), 4 indicating that the student “agrees” with the statement, and 5 indicating that the student “strongly agrees” with the statement.  The first statement on the survey is “Judson College fulfilled its mission of being a Christian liberal arts college for women.”   The seniors for 2013 rated this as 4.16.