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Renovation of Residence Halls

Goal: $2,000,000
Challenge Goal: $2,450,000

The Blessed Light Campaign’s commitment to ensuring the quality of residence halls is a strategic investment in student recruitment, retention, satisfaction, and success. Because we understand that classrooms and libraries are not the only spaces where students learn and study, we are committed to providing our students with residential facilities that function as all-inclusive homes-away-from-home conducive to social interaction, community building, and group study.

Based on surveys of our own students and study of national recruitment and retention research, we believe that making key improvements to residence halls will position the College for growth in student recruitment and further support our students in reaching their full academic and personal potential.

Two of Judson’s three residence halls have been identified for updating with Blessed Light gifts.IMG_5652

Julia Tarrant Barron Hall, constructed in 1962, houses 100 transfer, upperclassman, and freshman students. Named for a principal founder of the College who gave much of the land on which the campus is located, Barron Hall’s improvements will include refurbishment of student suites, plumbing and electrical upgrades, and renovation of common areas.


Anne E. Kirtley Hall, constructed in 1969, is the Freshman dormitory space, which houses 84 students. Anne Kirtley, the hall’s namesake, was a beloved English professor of the College from 1898-1933. The Kirtley Hall renovation, begun in the summer of 2015, consists of improvements to common areas and student suites including HVAC upgrades, floor, ceiling, and lighting updates, and bathroom vanity area updates.