Renovation of Riddle Gymnasium | Judson College - Marion


Renovation of Riddle Gymnasium

Goal: $1,000,000
Challenge Goal: $2,350,000

The Riddle Gymnasium has contributed to Judson students’ college experience and healthful focus since its construction in 1960. The gymnasium is utilized for educational purposes, athletic competition, and student wellness and recreation. The facility houses the basketball court, swimming pool, wellness center, locker rooms, restrooms, and offices for athletic staff. The wellness center is utilized by students, faculty, staff, and members of the Marion and Perry County communities. To improve the gymnasium’s functionality and usefulness, the College plans substantive improvements to the gym, pool, locker rooms, weight room, classrooms, Wellness Center, offices, and related spaces. Planned improvements also include updates to lighting and installation of an HVAC system.

Approximately 32 percent of on-campus Judson students compete on intercollegiate athletic teams.  Judson is a member of the National Christian College Athletic Association. Competitive intercollegiate programs include basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, equitation, and tennis. The College also offers intramural field hockey, basketball, and softball. In order to accommodate growing indoor facility needs for intercollegiate sports, the College plans to add a regulation-size gymnasium.