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Give a Scholarship

The Jane Jewett Scholarship Society

The wife of Milo P. Jewett, Judson College’s first president, Jane Jewett supported her husband’s work in promoting Judson as a “flourishing institution for young ladies” all over the South.

The name of Jane Jewett has been used throughout Judson’s history to recognize students who excelled in scholastic achievement, leadership ability, character and society.  Today her name is used to recognize those individuals who provide annually funded or endowed scholarships for students to achieve their academic goals.

Annual membership in the Jane Jewett Scholarship Society is given to donors who contribute at least $10,000 each year to scholarships.  Donors who endow a scholarship at the level of $50,000 or more receive lifetime membership in the Jane Jewett Scholarship Society.

For more information on the Jane Jewett Scholarship Society, please contact Peggy Darby ’90, CFRE, Director of Development (334-683-5285 or