Judson License Plates

When you purchase the Judson College specialty license plate, the college receives $48.75 as a charitable contribution to help fund scholarships for current Judson students.

If you are an Alabama resident, you can purchase a Judson license plate at your county tag office. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding purchase of a Judson license plate.

If you have already purchased a Judson license plate, thank you! The State of Alabama does not provide us with a list of each individual who registers a Judson College specialty license plate. So that we may thank you and update our records, please take a moment to let us know if you have registered your car with a Judson specialty license plate. In addition, we will send you a gift acknowledgement for the portion of your specialty license plate fee that is tax-deductible. To receive your gift acknowledgement, please e-mail a copy of your registration receipt to the Office of Development, or mail a copy to the address below.
Judson College
Office of Development
302 Bibb Street
Marion, Alabama 36756

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a Judson license plate?
The Judson license plate can be purchased at the local tag office in the county where you reside. Pre-numbered plates may be obtained immediately at the time of purchase.

How much does it cost to get a Judson tag in Alabama?
The cost is $50.00 plus the standard registration fee to purchase the license plate. The $50.00 additional fee must be paid each time the license plate is renewed. The fee will not be prorated (if you purchase the license plate six months into your registration year, the entire $50.00 additional fee still must be paid).

Is any documentation required to purchase the Judson license plate?
No documentation is needed. The plates are available to anyone registering private passenger vehicles or motor homes in Alabama.

Can I personalize my Judson license plate?
Yes. There is no additional cost, beyond the $50 fee, for personalized tags. If a personalized message is approved by the Department of Revenue, you will pay for the tag and will be issued a 60-day temporary tag for each personalized license plate ordered (plus month and year decals to be affixed to each plate when received). Reserve a personalized license plate message online here.

Once manufactured, the license plate will be shipped directly to you, normally in about 6 weeks. Personalized license plates in this category are transferable, at the option of the transferor, to the transferor’s spouse or child upon payment of the transfer fee.

Do I have to wait to purchase the Judson tag during my tag renewal month?
You can purchase the Judson tag anytime, regardless of your renewal month. Remember, the fee will not be prorated (if you purchase the license plate six months into your registration year, the entire $50.00 additional fee still must be paid).

How do I renew my Judson tag?
Once you have your tag, you can renew it online or at any local Motor Vehicle office in the county where you reside.

When are plates renewed?
The Alabama Department of Revenue has a staggered monthly registration system based on the first letter of your last name. Motor vehicle registrations expire on the last day of the designated renewal month. Leased, commercial and fleet vehicles are subject to renewal in the months of October and November, and the registrations for these types of vehicles expire on November 30.