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…our hopes and ambitions have mounted every day, and, as seniors, we begin to realize how much is yet to be learned. We go forth into our life work, equipped with the weapons secured from the classrooms, eager for a chance to prove our worth.
    ~ Beulah McClendon, Senior Class History, 1921 Conversationalist yearbook

At Judson College, we’re interested in helping our students become their best selves–women who are prepared to make intelligent choices and pursue “life work” that glorifies God and makes a difference in the world.  With a student to faculty ratio of 9:1 and an institutional commitment to teaching rather than research, Judson provides an academically engaging and emotionally supportive environment in which highly-trained instructors place the utmost priority on student learning. Faculty involve students in research and creative projects that help them prepare to enter graduate programs and meaningful careers, and every College employee takes a genuine interest in our students’ best interests.  From the time young women start to consider attending Judson, faculty and staff advise and mentor them, beginning cherished relationships that grow even after graduation.

Judson offers 20 academic majors, 22 minors, 10 pre-professional programs, and an Associate’s Degree in a supportive campus environment that ranked in the top 10% in a recent National Survey of Student Engagement.  Over the past twenty years, 96% of Judson women have been employed or have entered graduate school within a year of graduation, going forth to answer their Alma Mater’s call to “high endeavor, lofty thought, and noble deed.”