Humanities & Fine Arts

The Humanities and Fine Arts Division of Judson College provides opportunities for young women to grow in their faith, communicate more effectively, read and listen to some of the greatest works ever written, and develop self-expression and creativity in all facets of the arts, including visual arts, music, creative writing, journalism, and drama.

The Humanities and Fine Arts Division supports students majoring in Art, English, English Education, Spanish, Music, Music Education, and Religious Studies. Students from a variety of academic disciplines enjoy taking electives in art, English, journalism, music, religion, and Spanish.

These programs provide students with the opportunity to learn a second language in preparation for a career, develop into more effective leaders in their churches and communities, and hone communication and critical thinking skills necessary for future success wherever they may go.  Students interested in our programs may additionally seek out opportunities to participate in drama productions, perform in the choir, exhibit their art, write for our student newspaper or literary magazine, and present original creative writing pieces.

Graduates from the our division have continued their education in graduate-level programs including studio art, vocal performance, music education, church music, library science, theology, composition, and law.  Alumnae have also become college professors in drama, music, and religion; missionaries and church staff members; studio artists; gallery managers and museum administrators; and internationally-acclaimed performers and writers.

Our faculty members are active artists, literary scholars, biblical theologians, classical musicians, and thriving thespians, who love to help students create, write, and perform to the best of their ability.  They will use their skills, experience, and love of the arts to help you turn your creativity and passion into a meaningful career.