At Judson College, the English program is the heart of the liberal arts. Our qualified faculty work to equip you with the skills and insights you need to succeed in vocations that depend on communication, to succeed in professional or graduate study, to succeed in business, and to succeed in everyday life. An English major or minor opens the way for you in thinking, understanding and communicating–no matter what career path you decide to follow.

Our English program is traditional, yet it’s varied enough for you to explore your own direction in literature and language. Besides the English major, we offer a minor in journalism that includes practical experience through internships with newspapers and other media outlets.

Scrimshaw, our student literary magazine is an outlet for creative and scholarly writing, editing and magazine layout. The student newspaper, The Triangle, does the same for journalists.

Graduates of our English program are lawyers. We have students accepted into law schools in at least three states in the South. Our graduates are teachers who successfully guide other students toward developing their skills in communication, written and spoken. Our majors are journalists and work directly in fields of communication in radio and television, in government employment with NASA and the U. S. Department of Justice. We have graduates who are successful in the field of technical communication as well as in church-related vocations. The English major is good preparation for any career that requires clear communication, critical writing, problem solving and compassion.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Stacey Parham
English Department Head
Email:  sparham@judson.edu
Phone:  (334) 683-5201