Religious Studies | Judson College - Marion

Dr. Eric Gilchrest and students in class menu

Religious Studies

At Judson College, we believe that God is glorified when we seek to gain knowledge and discern the truth.  While that sentiment is a foundation of all of our academic programs, it is perhaps most evident in our Religious Studies department.

Religious Studies classes at Judson are designed to help students deepen their understanding of God, the Bible, and the Church.  Students are encouraged to delve into the deep and complex questions of faith through sound academic practices in an environment that is distinctly Christian.

Alumnae from our Religious Studies programs currently teach college courses in religion and history, serve as staff members of local churches, and minister to people around the world as missionaries.  Many Religious Studies graduates have also pursued careers in fields not commonly associated with vocational Christian service, using their skills and talents to provide Christ-centered leadership in public and private schools, healthcare and governmental organizations, and a wide variety of businesses.

By combining classes in the general education core or another academic area with a major or minor in Religious Studies or minor in Ministry Skills, each Judson student has the opportunity to join learning and faith in a way that will uniquely prepare her to live out her God-given purpose.