Professional Studies

Judson students in the Professional Studies Division of the College want to make a difference.  They are dedicated to serving their communities and to helping others.  Whether students have the gifts of nursing, social work, or teaching, Judson is a great fit for their passions to serve because service is a part of who we are as a College.  At Judson, “Knowledge and Faith for a Purposeful Life” is at the heart of our commitment to use our talents and abilities to serve, and we have been living this commitment since 1838.

The Professional Studies Division consists of the Education, Nursing, and Social Work programs at the College.  Each of these departments adheres to accreditation requirements by the Alabama State Department of Education, the Alabama Board of Nursing, and the Council for Social Work Education, respectively.  The oversight by these governing bodies ensures that students receive an outstanding education in the college classroom as well as in the clinical setting.

Education, nursing, and social work students at Judson College achieve the highest quality preparation in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and departments of human resources, among other locations, to be ready both in theory and in practice to teach, advocate, council, analyze, diagnose, help, and care for students, clients, and patients alike.  Preparation in the Professional Studies equips students for a life of service and purpose to live out their vocational aspirations.