Requirements for Admission (ADN) | Judson College - Marion


Requirements for Admission (ADN)

Students must meet the following requirements for acceptance into the Judson College ADN program:

  • Unconditional acceptance to Judson College.
    Admission to Judson College does not imply admission to the ADN Program.
  • Nursing applicants are required to score:
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5.
  • Background Screen Checks
    In order to participate in required courses that have a clinical component, each nursing student is required to have a background check at her own expense. The college may randomly require background screenings throughout the length of your involvement in the program.
  • Pre-Clinical Drug Screen
    In order to participate in courses that have a clinical component, each nursing students is required to have an initial pre-clinical drug screening, which is conducted at the student’s own expense, prior to her entering the nursing program. The college may require random drug screenings throughout the length of your involvement in the program.

It is also important to understand that ADN students should expect some evening (nontraditional work hours) and weekend assignments.

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