Have you dreamed of becoming a doctor since you were seven?  Hannah has.  She’s a current Judson College student who recently wrote,

“I never thought that I’d go to a small school, but I love Judson and couldn’t imagine being happier anywhere else.  Where else would you be able to receive ample help from professors outside of class and also go fishing and canoeing with them on a regular basis?  I’m confident that I’m being prepared to reach my personal and professional goals here.”

Like Hannah, many Judson science students are interested in attending medical school or pursuing another career in the health-related professions.  Over the past forty years, graduates from the Science Division who have met the minimum requirements for admission into the area of their choosing have been accepted into professional schools, graduate schools, and allied health programs at astonishing rates. These areas of further study include medicine, dentistry, optometry, and veterinary medicine.

Sciences Division Programs

Photo by Chip Cooper