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Research & Community Service

Student Research

The Biology Department has a long history of student research, much of which centers on monitoring the water quality of the Cahaba River and its tributaries. Recent student research has been directed toward molecular biology and the use of our new epifluorescent microscope. Model organisms of genetic research include fruit flies, zebra fish, and water borne bacteria.

Student research is presented at the annual meeting of the Alabama Academy of Sciences. Students give oral presentations and often compete in poster contests that present their work. Abstracts of research papers submitted to the Academy are published in the Academy’s journal, resulting in our students’ being published authors of science. The poster presentations are digital and are displayed on large monitors at the annual meetings.

Most Science student research is part of the Judson Honors Program, which allows participating students to graduate with honors. This Honors Program designation is recorded on the student’s diploma at graduation.

Community Service

Judson students have planted trees on the Judson campus and in the local community. Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society annually participates in local health career programs sponsored by the Perry County Health Department. Our students designed trails, installed tree identification labels, built bridges, and constructed benches in local Perry Lakes Park. Judson students have tested the water of the Cahaba River for many years and have led efforts to protect and preserve the river.