Career Advising Guidelines

Faculty in the Science Division offer advising for students interested in the following pre-professional programs:

Pre-Professional ProgramJudson Career Advisor
Pre-DentalDr. Garner
Pre-MedicalDr. Garner
Pre-OptometryDr. Garner
Pre-PharmacyDr. Garner
Pre-Physical TherapyDr. Garner
Pre-Veterinary MedicineDr. Garner
Graduate School and Entry Level EmploymentContact Major Advisor

The Science Division faculty are genuinely interested in helping students attain their career goals. Successful applicants to professional schools have worked their entire college career to sculpt an impressive resume both inside and outside of the classroom.  In order to gain acceptance into professional school, Judson students are expected to fulfill each of the following obligations:

  1. Declare your intention to apply for professional school with the appropriate advisor (see above) during your Freshman year.
  2. Investigate and familiarize yourself with the requirements for admission to professional programs in Alabama (or others to which you intend to apply).
  3. Maintain an excellent GPA. Most professional schools require a MINIMUM GPA of at least 3.25.  Higher grades will increase your chances for acceptance.
  4. Take leadership roles in extracurricular activities, including student groups and community service. Pre-professional students are expected to be campus leaders inside and outside of the classroom.
  5. Support Science Division extracurricular programs, such as Science Club and Beta Beta Beta.
  6. Gain experience in the appropriate professional field. These experiences can include employment, volunteering, shadowing, or summer programs.
  7. Purchase the practice exam for the appropriate admissions test, and take this practice exam a MINIMUM of 6 times.
  8. Regularly discuss your progress with your career advisor.
  9. Conduct mock interviews with science division faculty.

By fulfilling these obligations, you will demonstrate to the science division faculty that you are seriously committed to pursuing professional study.