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The curriculum at Judson provides the arts and sciences education desired by professional schools in addition to sound scientific studies. Medical schools expect the following of students admitted: they should have acquired a high degree of proficiency in handling scientific material; they should be able to perform well in courses they do not like; they should be strongly motivated for a career in medicine; they should be compassionate and empathetic; they should have a grade point average of 3.5 or better and make a high score on the New Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT); and they should have a high degree of personal integrity. Most students admitted to medical schools have obtained a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college.

The courses required for admission to each medical school in the state of Alabama can be found using the links below.
In addition, the following courses are highly recommended by Alabama medical schools prior to taking the MCAT:

  • BIO 108 – Introductory Molecular Biology (2 hours)
    BIO 205 – Human Anatomy (4 hours)
    BIO 206 – Human Physiology (4 hours)
    BIO 309 – Genetics (4 hours)
    BIO 312 – Cell Biology (3 hours)
  • BIO/CHE 307 – Biochemistry I (4 hours)
    BIO/CHE 308 – Biochemistry II (4 hours)
  • PSY 201 – General Psychology (3 hours)
  • SOC 201 – Introduction to Sociology (3 hours)

The MCAT should be taken in the spring of the year in which the student will file applications for medical school.  Judson College Science Division faculty recommend that students take the MCAT at the end of their third year.

Specific Requirements* for each Medical School in Alabama:

University of Alabama at BirminghamUniversity of South Alabama
Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine - DothanVia College of Osteopathic Medicine - Auburn

*Courses listed are Judson Science Division courses that will fulfill each requirement.