Pre-Pharmacy | Judson College - Marion



General Requirements and Recommendations for Pharmacy School Admission are listed below.

The following recommended course sequence links contain Judson courses that will fulfill each requirement and recommendation. 
Recommended Course Sequence for B.S. Chemistry Majors Applying to Pharmacy School
Recommended Course Sequence for Biology Track II Majors Applying to Pharmacy School

Admission Requirements for Samford (McWhorter) and Auburn (Harrison):

GPA: 3.25 or Better

PCAT Scores:

  • All PCAT scores are ranked as percentiles versus all other students who took the PCAT at the same time as you.
  • 50% or lower, consider a retake
  • 60% disadvantageous but you may as well apply if your application is strong in other places, consider a retake if you think you could do better
  • 70% decent, may want to consider a retake if you think you could do better
  • 80% good, doubtful that you want to bother with a retake
  • 90% great, no need to retake


  • Volunteer or work as a pharmacy tech strongly advised
  • Robust community service record
  • Strong Letters of Recommendation:
    From a math or science professor
    Ideally from a pharmacist, but can be from any employer

Course Work:
McWhorter School of Pharmacy, Samford University – Prerequisite Course Guides
Harrison School of Pharmacy, Auburn University – Pre-Pharmacy Requirement Equivalents