Social Sciences

With a degree from the Division of Social Sciences, you’ll be prepared to live your purpose as you run a fair and profitable business, invest in the lives of children, preserve the history of a community, help people who are hurting, stand up for justice, or do almost anything else.

The Social Science Division includes the Business Administration, History, Criminal Justice, and Psychology departments.  Faculty members in each area of the Social Sciences provide a high level of personal interaction, while offering students exciting networking and learning experiences outside the classroom.  Members of student organizations related to the Social Sciences regularly participate in service projects and attend conferences.  Students also have opportunities to interact with professionals in their discipline through internships, field experience placements, guest speakers, and field trips.

Judson’s Social Science graduates have joined the United States Secret Service and armed forces, enjoyed award-winning careers as teachers, become entrepreneurs, served on the mission field, and excelled in a variety of graduate and doctoral programs.