Business Administration

Judson College’s B.A. and B.S. degrees in Business Administration are designed to provide students with a common body of knowledge in business that will prepare them to excel in graduate study and professional positions in various fields of commerce. Our minor in Business Administration is a nice complement to other degrees offered at Judson.  Many students who major in Equine Science, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Art, and Music pursue minors (or double major) in Business Administration because upon graduation they anticipate opening businesses in their major field of study.  In addition to offering a firm foundation from which students can move into management positions in their chosen fields, Business major and minor courses also provide students with opportunities to develop writing and presentation skills, explore ethical issues, become financially literate, and develop critical thinking skills.

Judson College Business students have presented papers at the annual conference on Emerging Issues in Business and Technology and at the Southern Industrial Relations and Human Resources conferences. Our students also have opportunities to work with local organizations to develop and implement marketing plans; create, distribute, and analyze surveys that will be used to improve business operations; and to work on strategic plans and implementation of those plans for real companies.  At Judson you get to see business theory come to life!

Judson College business classes are small, generally no more than 12 students.  Faculty encourage students to take an active part in learning through animated class discussions and hands on problem solving of real world issues.  This process promotes students’ ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the concepts they are learning about in class.

Former Judson Business students are currently working the fields of computer science, marketing, accounting, financial services, human resources, customer service, and management.  Many have begun successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Come and see what a difference a Judson education can make.  Visit with students who will be America’s business leaders of tomorrow.  Visit campus or contact Dr. Mike McKinley for more information.

Dr. Mike McKinley
Business Administration Department Head