The discipline of history is one which a scholar may enter and spend a lifetime of exploration, study, reading, research, analysis, and publishing.  Students at Judson College have the chance to explore the riches and diversity which history has to offer, both globally and locally.  Judson students may study the histories of Greece, Rome, Russia, China, Japan, Latin America, and Europe. The Department even has plans for an overseas trip in the 2013-2014 academic year.

Students interested in Alabama history have opportunities to study the pre-Columbian period of North America by traveling to nearby Moundville, Alabama to explore a settlement and burial mounds of Mississippian culture. Antebellum plantations and sharecropping homes of the Alabama Black Belt are close by for students to visit and study as they learn about the region’s cash crops, social structures, and economic systems.  The cities of Marion and Selma played a pivotal role in the modern Civil Rights movement, and Judson students have been active in collecting oral histories of local civil rights leaders. (The oral history project yielded a live oral history presentation to the college and the local community in the fall semester of 2011.)

Judson College students gain valuable presentation experience and discover networking opportunities when they participate in regional Phi Alpha Theta and other conferences.

Graduates of the B. A. in History have found employment in schools, libraries, museums, business archives, and civil service jobs. Many have chosen to further their education by working toward graduate degrees in history, law, political sciences, public policy, library science, and education.

Come join us at Judson College to begin your journey of discovery.

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Dr. Michael Bergman
Assistant Professor of History