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Web Design

The web design minor prepares students for careers in graphic web design. A student may complete the web design minor along with any of the majors offered by Judson College. By combining a selection of classes in art, business, and computer programming, this minor provides students with the skills necessary to develop aesthetic, user-friendly websites for both profit and non-profit organizations. Completing a minor in web design can prepare you to work as a web designer in an organization or as a private consultant, but it can also offer you a distinct advantage when applying for employment in many fields.

Internships are offered to deserving students. Internships give students real-world experience in working with clients and designing, constructing, and maintaining websites.

Small class sizes provide opportunities for both individualized instruction and experience working in teams to practice a variety of communication skills necessary for web portal development. The Seminar in Web Design serves as a capstone course for this minor; students apply their in-class training in communication, Internet ethics, and design to the management of live websites. Service-learning is an integral component of the seminar, which gives students the opportunity to serve their community by developing and maintaining local organizations’ websites.

If this minor interests you, you might try pairing it with our Graphic Design concentration!

For more information, contact:
Dr. Robert M. McKinley
Head of the Business Administration Department