Business Administration (DL)

Through the Distance Learning Program at Judson College, you can earn a Bachelor of Art in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, or a minor in Business Administration.

Your decision to study Business Administration at Judson is one that ensures you will be challenged to analyze the world around you and make well-informed decisions based on what you’ve learned through instruction and from your own research.

The Judson Business Administration programs are designed to provide a common body of knowledge in Business that will prepare you to excel in graduate study and entry-level professional positions in various fields of commerce.  Successful Business Administration graduates possess excellent communication skills and are financially literate, able to think critically, and grounded in the liberal arts.

Our minor in Business Administration is a great complement to any other degree offered through the Distance Learning Program, providing students with a firm foundation of knowledge that will enable them to move into management positions in their chosen fields.