DL Music Major Requirements

Components of the Distance Learning Bachelor of Arts in Music:

  • Music Theory  (12 hours)
  • Sight Singing/Ear Training (4 hours)
  • Music History  (6 hours)
  • Form and Analysis  (3 hours)
  • Applied Lessons (10 hours)
    Applied Lessons are not taught online. You may take lessons with a private teacher who has the equivalent of a master’s degree and have the credits transferred to Judson. Our professors will stay in touch with the private teacher regarding your repertoire. At the end of every semester, you will send a jury recording with comments from the teacher about your work. A minimum grade of C (2.0) in applied lessons on a student’s major instrument will qualify as credit in the applied major or minor guidelines.
  • Ensembles  (6 hours)
    For the ensemble credits, you can participate in an ensemble at a local college and transfer those in, or participate in some kind of community ensemble that performs works of collegiate quality.
  • Music Electives (at least 6 hours)
  • Junior & Senior Recitals  (0 hours)
    We require that you give 2 recitals in our program: a junior recital (25 minutes of music) and a senior recital (50 minutes of music).  It is preferred that you schedule a date to come to the Judson College campus for your senior recital. In lieu of the senior recital, however, you could write a significant research paper.

A note about Class Piano:

All non-keyboard majors are required to take Class Piano, which teaches students to have some functional skills at the keyboard so they can work with choirs and bands in schools.  Students learn about scales and chords and work on sight reading and transposition skills, in addition to intermediate repertoire.

Talk to Your Advisor.

The academic advisor for all Music majors is Dr. Jessica Spafford, Head of the Department of Music. Contact her with questions about course requirements or specific classes.