Prior Learning

The following guidelines, which were established in accordance with standard practice for regionally accredited colleges, will help you determine how previous learning experiences can be applied to your Distance Learning Program at Judson College.

Transfer credit from a regionally accredited school will be accepted according to the following guidelines:

  • Grades must be C or higher
  • A maximum of 64 hours may be transferred from a two-year college or degree program
  • There is no limit on credit that can be transferred from a four year college
  • Transfer credit may be applied to the General Education Curriculum, major or minor requirements, or electives
  • Transfer credit must be non-duplicating and must be appropriate to your educational objectives and degree requirements
  • A minimum of 32 hours must be taken through Judson, with at least twelve of those hours in the major and six in the minor

Up to 30 hours of Seminary Extension courses approved by the American Council on Education (ACE) and Judson College will transfer to Judson.

Credit from non-accredited institutions may not be transferred toward degree requirements. At the discretion of Judson College, however, some of these learning experiences may be converted to credit through the presentation of a portfolio or through a challenge exam administered by the College.

We recognize that college-level learning may take place outside of the traditional classroom setting, yet many learners find that their learning is not recognized unless it is validated by a regionally accredited institution. At the discretion of Judson, credit may be awarded for college-level learning gained through life experience. The experience must be evaluated with the possibility of receiving academic credit when the learning is appropriate. The credit can then be applied to a degree program. Prior learning credit must not duplicate other credit courses and must be appropriate to educational objectives and degree requirements. Prior learning credit may be assessed through the presentation of a thoroughly documented portfolio or through a challenge exam.

For more information about transferring credits to Judson, contact Leah Washburn at