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Research Ethics Review Committee

The Judson College RERC’s purpose is to ensure the ethical treatment of human participants in research. All research done by students or faculty* at Judson College involving human subjects, federally funded or not, must be reviewed by the RERC. The RERC functions much like an Institutional Review Board at other institutions.

The RERC process may be most applicable to students and their faculty advisors who desire to complete Judson College Honors Program research in disciplines that might utilize human subject participants. The RERC processes detailed below are contained in the Judson College Honors Program Handbook, as well.

On this page, you will find more information, requirements, forms, and documents that will help you to follow RERC guidelines.

*Exceptions for faculty doing human subjects research with faculty/researchers outside of Judson College may be exempt from this requirement if the project has received approval from another Institutional Review Board. Please inform RERC Chair if outside research is being conducted.