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Where are you going?

As you search for the right college to attend, you’re probably getting a thousand questions: “Where are you going to school?” “What are you majoring in?” “What do you want to do after college?”

We encourage you to ask yourself a different question: “Who do I want to be?” Judson College has been helping young women answer that question for 181 years.

Before her graduation, Social Work major Elizabeth said, “I always knew that I wanted to help people.  At Judson, I learned how to do that effectively, not just because of what I learned in class, but because of how I’ve grown during the past four years.  I feel empowered to do what God calls me to do because I have a better understanding of who God has called me to be. I’ve learned that I can do good by being good.”

Elizabeth isn’t alone.  In fact, seventy years earlier another Judson senior explained her realization that “to be good because in my heart I know it is what I must do in order to be the kind of person I want to be, and the kind of person God wants me to be–that is a real ideal.  That is the Judson ideal–the creation of straight-thinking, clear-sighted young women, who, knowing fully the alternative offered them in a world of good and bad and all the varying shades in between, unhesitatingly and fearlessly choose the right way, the Judson way, the Christian way.”

Since 1838, Judson College has been helping young women become their best selves.  As a student here, you’ll have opportunities to think creatively and critically, to develop a faith that informs all areas of your life, and to discover how you can use your unique talents to make a difference. You’ll find that our student clubs and organizations, College traditions, and co-curricular programs give you a sense of belonging while connecting you with a heritage of faith, learning, leadership, and service that spans generations.

Explore our site, our majors, our student life pages, and our campus as you think about who you want to become. When you do, we think you’ll discover that Judson is the best place for you to engage your mind, practice your faith, and live your purpose.