Types of Admission

Judson celebrates the unique talents and unlimited potential of each of its students. That’s why we offer several categories of admission.


This type is the most common and includes students who have met all admission requirements.


This admission includes students who show academic promise but have not met the GPA and/or ACT requirement or have graduated from an unaccredited school. When admitted conditionally, a student:

  • Is limited to an academic load of 13 credit hours during the first semester.

  • Must maintain a 2.0 or better GPA.


If a student has attended Judson but was not enrolled in classes during the previous semester (excluding Short Term), she must re-apply through the Office of Admissions.


A high school senior may be dually enrolled at Judson and receive college credit for courses that are also applicable for high school credits. Dually-enrolled students must:

  • Be in grade 12.*
  • Be recommended by their high school principal and/or guidance counselor.
  • Have a grade point average of 3.0.
  • Exhibit both academic readiness and social maturity, as indicated by their principal.

*Eleventh graders may be admitted to the program in exceptional cases.

SPECIAL ADMISSION (Non-degree seeking)

If a student takes a course or courses but is not seeking a degree at Judson College, she is classified as a Special student. Examples of specially-admitted students include:

  • Adults (at least twenty years of age) showing academic promise

  • High school students enrolled in special programs

  • Transient students seeking additional educational certification or recertification

  • Other students taking personal interest courses.


For more information about any type of admission, contact the Admissions Office at (800)-447-9472 or admissions@judson.edu.