Do College Differently.

In 1943, graduating senior Jo Moore explained that Judson had helped her gain the knowledge, confidence, and experience that would help her become not only the kind of person she wanted to be, but “the kind of person God wants me to be.” She said the biggest thing she would carry with her from Judson was “the feeling of having been a part of something that’s good and fine.” “I hope that when I leave Judson,” she said, “I may carry with me something of its great tradition–a tradition made of clear thinking, fair living, and independent judgment.”

Jo Moore understood that her college experience was not ultimately about her major or the job she’d get after she graduated, but instead about being part of something bigger than herself. She understood that she was called to become the woman God wanted her to be, which, no matter her vocation, meant loving and serving Him and her neighbors wholeheartedly. Generations of Judson students before and after Jo Moore have wanted to be part of this “something good and fine”, too.

Below are some moments in the Judson story that illustrate how we and our students have done college differently for the past 182 years. Scroll through them and begin to imagine how you could be part of “something good and fine”. What kind of impact could you make in the world if you did college differently?

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