5 Ways Judson is Different

1. Small Campus
Judson is a small college, and that’s a good thing.

It’s hard to be invisible at Judson. More than 90% of our classes are smaller than 17 students, so even your freshman classes will be small and comfortable, offering you the opportunity to interact more in the classroom and participate more actively in your education. When you’re not in class, you can find your place in over 30 campus clubs and organizations or be one of the 75% of students involved in student leadership on campus. (Don’t forget that 100% of student leaders at Judson also happen to be women. That’s just one of the advantages of choosing a women’s college.)

2. Professors
Judson professors aren’t just professors.

Because Judson students aren’t just people who show up for class, neither are our professors. At Judson, our students are more than twice as likely as students at other schools to talk to their professors about things other than their classes.* Though more than 80% of our professors have the highest degrees in their fields, they aren’t too busy to know your story. They’ll be proud of you when you present research at an academic conference or ace a test in their class, but they’ll also be there to cheer for you (by name) at your athletic events or watch your performing arts recital. And they’re definitely not above playing intramural sports with you or inviting you and your study group over to their homes for dinner, either.
* If you or your parents are interested in the numbers, head over to our National Survey of Student Engagement data to see how we stack up against other colleges.

3. Meaningful Service
Judson students do things that matter.

We get it.  A lot of colleges offer opportunities for “community service” or “volunteering”, but, at Judson, it’s different.  Every week, you can join the more than 80% of Judson students who volunteer as they meet real needs in our Perry County, Alabama, community as they visit elderly and sick people, help elementary school students improve their reading skills, and work with the only USDA self-help housing program in the state.  You’ll also find that faculty members integrate service into your classes in ways that make learning deeper, easier, and a lot more fun.  While our campus community doesn’t serve to gain recognition, people do take notice.  Judson has been honored by two U.S. Presidents and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching for the ways we reach out to our neighbors.

4. Authentic Faith
Judson believes that you live, learn, and serve to glorify God.

Being a Christian isn’t just about calling yourself one.  It’s about the way you live each day, putting what you believe into practice. Being a Christian college is no different.  At Judson, you’ll be encouraged to grow in your faith through weekly Chapel services, student and staff-led Bible studies, and campus ministries events, but those things are just the beginning of Judson’s 180-year-old commitment to be “a place of Christ”. You’ll be challenged to figure out your life’s purpose as you talk with professors about your vocation, are challenged as you discover God’s truth and the beauty of creation in your classes, and become the woman God has called you to be, even in your daily decisions as part of the Judson community.

5. Sisterhood
Judson students don’t need sororities. They have a sisterhood.

Judson can’t offer you a Greek sorority experience, but we don’t want to. Judson’s sisterhood goes back 181 years, and it can be yours regardless of how much money you have, regardless of what you look like, and regardless of where you’re from. In addition to getting 200+ sisters when you enter Judson as a freshman, you will enjoy the support of countless Judson alumnae who are committed to helping you succeed, both professionally and personally.

Bonus: Field Hockey.
Since 1923, Judson students have played intramural field hockey on the field in the center of campus. On Hockey Day on the first weekend in November, Judson classes (often wearing tutus and face-paint) compete against each other and a team of returning alumnae. Hockey Day and its traditions symbolize the importance of working together and the bonds between generations of Judson women, not to mention that it’s so. much. fun.

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