Resources for Admitted and Current Students

Below we’ve collected some documents that you might need to fill out in order to complete your financial aid package. Please read each description carefully, and complete the documents that apply to you. You may not need to complete these documents in order for your financial aid package to be complete, so if you’re not sure whether to fill them out, contact the Financial Aid Office at (334) 683-5170 or, or drop by our office on the second floor of Jewett Hall.

Alabama Student Grant Application
Students who have been residents of Alabama for at least 12 months may qualify for the Alabama Student Grant.
If you’re interested in seeing whether you’re eligible for aid from the Alabama Student Grant, complete the application and return it to the Judson College Financial Aid Office at 302 Bibb Street, Marion, AL 36756. First-time applicants should submit five (5) proofs of residency. If you have any questions about completing the Alabama Student Grant application, get in touch with the Financial Aid Office.

Verification Worksheets
If you have received a letter from the Financial Aid Office asking you to complete a verification worksheet, please select the appropriate worksheet below.

V-1 Standard Verification Worksheet
V-4 Custom Verification Worksheet
V-5 Aggregate Verification Worksheet

If you aren’t sure which worksheet to complete, contact the Financial Aid Office.  Again, you only need to complete a verification worksheet if the Financial Aid Office notifies you that you do. Completed verification worksheets may be returned to the Financial Aid Office at 302 Bibb Street, Marion, AL 36756.

Work-Study Application
Students who are interested in working on campus may apply for a work-study job. Not all students qualify for work-study.
Newly-admitted students, please submit your application to the Financial Aid Office by August 1 if you are interested in working on campus. Returning (current) students should submit their applications by May 1Applications can be mailed to 302 Bibb Street, Marion, AL 36756 or emailed to If you have questions about the work-study application or process, please contact or drop by the Financial Aid Office.