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Visiting Judson

A visit to Judson’s campus will give you a chance to experience all the things that make Judson a place unlike any other: a community of students who embrace you for who you are, caring faculty and staff members committed to your success, and the Judson Spirit.

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What is Judson?

It is a place–of buildings and trees, of ivy covered walls, the dome of Jewett, the rustic clubhouse, curving staircases, crystal chandeliers, Victorian parlors, rows of books in the library, the hockey field, the “J.”

Our 1960 yearbook, The Conversationalist, goes on to say that Judson is so much more than its campus. Judson is also its students and faculty, its campus life, and — most importantly — its Spirit.

Still, the place comes to mean something as generations of Judson Girls spend their college years here. The hockey field becomes a place where stress is relieved, where friends are made. The classrooms become meaningful as places where discussions flourish and growth occurs. The foyer and front steps of Jewett Hall hold special significance as the scene of traditional step-sings and serenades.  Many women will tell you that you’re a true Judson Girl when you make special trips on Early Street toward Siloam Baptist Church just so you can turn around to see the cherished dome of Jewett Hall in the morning or evening (or moon) light.

Many Judson Girls know this is their “place” the moment they step on campus. We invite you to visit and figure out if you belong here, too.

During the academic year, Judson hosts several Preview Days, when you can take a tour of campus, meet faculty and students, and learn about financial aid and scholarship opportunities. You might even be able to spend the night in a residence hall–a student Ambassador will be your roommate!

You can also schedule a weekday visit by using this form, calling the Admissions Office at (800) 447-9472, or emailing us at

It is a Spirit, intangible, indefinable, dwelling deep in the heart of every Judson girl who seeks and finds it. It is a Spirit found in the serenity that comes from worshiping God, the challenge that comes from striving to attain the honorable, the wisdom that comes from gaining knowledge, the glory that comes from making friends, the satisfaction that comes from using our talents,…the pride that comes from beholding the buildings on our campus…It is heard in the music drifting from the music hall, the singing of class songs, the shouts of encouragement during hockey practice, the laughter and the tears. It is felt in the warm friendships, the “gab” sessions, the genuine concern of one girl for another, the teamwork of the sister classes… It is found in all things a Judson girl loves.
~ The 1960 Conversationalist