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Support the JC Eagles

The Judson Eagles Athletic Program seeks your support for intercollegiate programs this upcoming season as we equip our players to glorify God with their gifts and talents on and off the field. As we work to help prepare student-athletes for purposeful lives through learning the importance of discipline, hard work, togetherness, and teamwork, you can support us by assisting our team in initiating field upgrades and purchasing game equipment and team gear.

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Message from Athletic Director and Assistant VP for Athletics Marsha Ford

On behalf of Judson Athletics, I want to express our gratitude for your generous support of our athletic program. As a former student-athlete at Judson, I am thankful for those individuals who gave their time, talents, and gifts to our teams. That support was visible whenever a professor bought a t-shirt from a fundraiser, or a parent volunteered to embroider our traveling gear, or friends made signs for home games; having that support encouraged us to give more of ourselves on the court and field. It’s those memories that will resonate with me throughout my life: that I’m never alone because God has positioned people to support and believe in me.

Thank you for helping our athletes know that they, too, are not alone because there are people who want to see them succeed on and off the field and court. In addition to equipping our student-athletes well, you are helping us nurture a sense of pride and school spirit on campus.

Thank you once again for your support of Judson Athletics. Go EAGLES!!!