COVID-19 Announcement Archive

7.27.2020 – Fall 2020 Plans Announcement

7.27.2020 –

5.29.2020 – Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (CARES Act), 30-Day Report

5.15.2020 – Campus to re-open for private tours

5.11.2020 – Announcement from President W. Mark Tew re: return to work

5.4.2020 – Student Relief Fund Grants through CARES Act HEERF

4.3.2020 – Letter from President W. Mark Tew Re: Governor Ivey’s Stay-at-Home Order

Letter from President W. Mark Tew – Short Term Plans, April/May events

Bowling Library to close March 30; resources available online.

Campus Operations Update (A collection of campus operation announcements from 03.18.2020)

Letter from President W. Mark Tew – Post-Spring Break plans

Please read the full announcement above; the list below is a shortened version.

  • Spring Break will continue through Tuesday, March 24.
  • From Wednesday, March 25 until April 29, all classroom instruction will be converted to online or alternate delivery.
    Residential students should read the full announcement for details regarding retrieval of personal items.
  • All employees from Jefferson and Shelby counties who commute daily to Perry County are required to work from home and requested to restrict their movements to essential travel.
  • All non-faculty employees are asked to self-identify known health conditions that would place them at a greater health risk if exposure to the COVID-19.  These employees will coordinate with their supervisors to work from home or utilize the College’s policies for paid sick and vacation leave or unpaid leave.  All other non-faculty employees are to report to work as usual.

03.13.2020 – 4:06pm
Letter from President W. Mark Tew – J-Day and Inauguration plans

  • J-Day 2020 (April 3-4) will be cancelled, with reunion classes ending in 5 or 0 celebrating with classes ending in 6 or 1 at J-Day 2021 (April 9-10, 2021). All registration fees received for the 2020 J-Day events can be applied to the 2021 J-Day Weekend or refunded to individuals as requested. Contact the Judson College Alumnae Office at 334-683-5109 for details or to request a refund.
  • The Judson College Alumnae Association Executive Board Spring Meeting will be rescheduled for later in the spring semester.
  • The Presidential Inauguration scheduled for April 3rd will be postponed until the fall semester; the new date will be announced at a later time.

03.13.2020 – 9:00am
Though Alabama’s first case of Coronavirus was confirmed 3.13.2020, there are no confirmed cases at Judson College as of 03.13.2020.

There are still no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state of Alabama,and there are no cases at Judson College (03.12.2020). Comprehensive Coronavirus information for the state of Alabama is published by the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Letter from President W. Mark Tew (03.12.2020) – Spring Break recommendations (March 16-20)