Ray Price | Judson College


Ray Price

Professor of Mathematics
Head of the Math Department
Chair of the Science Division

B.A., Wofford College
M.A. Wake Forest University
Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

At Judson College since 1979

B.A., Mathematics and Sociology, magna cum laude, 1974 – Wofford College; M.A., Mathematics, 1978 – Wake Forest University; Ph.D., Mathematics/Point Set Topology, 1987 – Virginia Tech

Position and Professional Activities
Professor of Math and Head of the Math/Physics Department. A member of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), was recently a member of the Board of the Alabama Journal of Mathematics, and served as President of the Alabama Association of College Teachers of Mathematics (AACTM) in 2013-2014.

Meet the Professor
Dr. Ray Price was born the son of a minister and spent his childhood living in several small towns around North and South Carolina. Besides climbing trees, little league baseball (team won a championship one year), music (piano and guitar—played the piano for church Sunday school), Boy Scouts (became an Eagle) – every year of his life he has enjoyed doing math. The Peace Corps is what influenced him to become a teacher. After college he joined the Peace Corps and was sent to a small village in Ghana, West Africa, to teach high school math for two years. After that experience he caught the teaching bug and has been teaching math from that point on. Besides Judson, he also taught math for a year at Wake Forest University and for six years at Virginia Tech. Dr. Price prefers the smaller classes at Judson where he can more easily get to know and interact with his students.

Dr. Price met his wife Ann (a Judson graduate) when they were both teaching at Judson. They have two daughters, Caroline and Mary. Caroline graduated from Judson in 2010 (Chemistry and Biology), and is in her fourth year of Medical School at UAB. Mary is in graduate school at Arizona State University studying piano. Mary’s first lessons as a little girl were at Judson’s Community School.

Honors and awards include induction into Phi Beta Kappa in college, a multiple year recipient of Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, and the Mary Gibson Thompson Teaching Award given by Judson College.

Some of Dr. Price’s hobbies are music (he plays the organ at St. Wilfrid’s Episcopal church in Marion every Sunday), construction work on old houses, and repairing cars. Lately he has been getting up early on weekend mornings and riding his 1970’s 3-speed Schwinn Speedster bike fifty or so miles along little traveled county roads.

Although Dr. Price spends most of his time on teaching and not research, he has had papers in Point Set Topology published in the math journals Glasnik Matematicki and Proceedings of the Japan Academy and has presented talks at Topology conferences.

Of his experience teaching at Judson, Dr. Price says, “It’s the total package. Students treat people real well. I get to share my stories and teach math, which has always been one of my favorite subjects, and get to ride my bike or walk from my house to work every day. Marion is a great place to live and raise a family with its small-town Andy Griffith-like atmosphere.”