COVID-19 Update re: May 11 return to work

Judson Community,

In keeping with Governor Ivey’s announcement on Friday May 8, I am officially recalling all employees to return to campus beginning today, Monday, May 11.  We will be observing health and safety procedures already in place, i.e. hand sanitizing at building entrances and exits and maintaining six feet distance at all times.  Additional procedures will be implemented throughout the summer as we prepare our campus to receive our students.  As those who had specific health-related issues were among the first to work from home, anyone who needs continued isolation may speak to your immediate supervisor for consideration of additional accommodations.

Classes remain online for the remainder of May term and Short Term, but faculty are free to work from home or campus.

Thank you for your cooperation and your commitment to Christian higher education for young women.

W. Mark Tew, Th.D.