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Huntsville-area alumnae help to preserve Judson College’s pictorial history

Alumnae from Judson College’s Huntsville/North Alabama Chapter came back to campus June 9-13 to work on the “Pictorial History of Judson College Collection” preservation project.

This is the third year Huntsville-area alumnae have returned to their alma mater to help preserve the school’s collection of photographs. This year’s group of alumnae volunteers included A.J. Smith Arnett (Class of 1989) of Athens, Patty Atherton (Class of 1961) of Huntsville, JoAnn Bugg (Class of 1972) of Huntsville, and Susan Morrisette (Class of 1971) of Madison. The team organized in Judson’s Bowling Library to examine, identify, and preserve hundreds of undocumented photographs of Judson students and college life.

AJ Smith Arnett, Class of 1989
JoAnn Bugg, Class of 1972, and Patty Atherton, Class of 1961
Patty Atherton, Class of 1961; JoAnn Bugg, Class of 1972; and Susan Martin Morissette, Class of 1971
Susan Martin Morissette, Class of 1971

Photos by George Frangoulis, Public Relations Coordinator

“We are just at the beginning of this important project to preserve Judson’s pictorial history,” said Andrea Abernathy, Librarian and Assistant Professor of Library Resources. “We have many years ahead of us to complete this work.” Abernathy noted that Vanessa Nicholson, the college’s Library Assistant, has been very helpful in coordinating archival efforts. Susanna Gaston (Class of 2011) was also on hand to support the Huntsville group during the June project. Gaston recently earned her Master of Library Science degree from the University of Southern Mississippi.

The “Pictorial History of Judson College Collection” preservation project began in 2012. Abernathy set up the internal process, which includes utilizing past Judson College yearbooks as key reference material for identifying students in undocumented pictures. The Huntsville-area alumnae said they had only made a “small dent” in the project, but said they all enjoyed the challenge and promised to return next year.

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