Judson College named 3rd safest campus in U.S.

Using data from the Office of Postsecondary Education and the FBI, College Factual has ranked Judson as the third safest college in America.  These findings, which were based on crime reports on campus, in the surrounding town or city, as well as in the surrounding region, were recently reported in the USA Today article, “10 of the Safest College Campuses in the U.S.”

Katie Cooper, a Judson senior, explained why feeling safe on campus matters to her.  “I’m not worried about someone physically harming me here.  Feeling safe on campus helps make learning more achievable for me.  I can focus on my experience as a student instead of always worrying about my physical safety.”  Another senior, Ashlyn Lane, added, “I felt safer on Judson’s campus than I did at any other campus I visited.  Being here feels like being at home.”

Vice President and Dean of Students Susan Jones believes this close-knit community atmosphere helps contribute to Judson’s outstanding safety record.  “There really is a sense of community on campus.  I think that makes our students watch out for each other in a way that other college students don’t.  I also think it’s why our staff members go the extra mile to help students feel safe.  When you watch our security personnel interact with students, it’s obvious that they’re not just on campus to draw a paycheck.  They wouldn’t think twice about putting themselves in harm’s way for any of our students because they genuinely care about them.”

Even new students report a high level of comfort on campus.  “I definitely feel that our security staff goes out of their way to make sure we’re safe,” said freshman Katie Owens.  “They’re on my speed dial, and I don’t think twice about calling them if I feel uneasy or I see something unusual happening on campus.  Feeling safe at Judson has definitely helped me adjust to college life more quickly.”

In keeping with the federally-mandated requirement, Judson publishes its safety and security report to the public annually.  The most recent report is available here.

Additional information about measures the College takes to ensure student safety is available here.

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