Judson College Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Judson College President W. Mark Tew has issued a letter on the College’s COVID-19 response. As of the publication of this letter (03.12.2020), there are still no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state of Alabama, and there are no cases at Judson College. Comprehensive Coronavirus information for the state of Alabama is published by the Alabama Department of Public Health. Further coronavirus updates will be posted as they are made at judson.edu/coronavirus.

Dear Judson Community:

After careful review of the Centers for Disease Control’s COVID-19 guidelines and administrative discussion throughout the day today, the College’s COVID-19 statement has been updated.

Given the size of our campus, our intentionally small classes, and the non-urban nature of our verdant, rural setting, Judson is proceeding through the current viral outbreak with a strategy of education and precaution.  International travel scheduled through April 30 has been cancelled, with future travel determined as circumstances change.  Domestic travel must have prior approval.  The College will be on spring break March 16-20, and classes will resume as normal on March 23.  While away from campus, students are encouraged to refrain from travel to known affected areas, avoid large gatherings as much as possible, and maintain good health practices to include thorough hand-washing that is regular and frequent and to restrict the transmission of airborne germs by covering coughs and sneezes.  The Centers for Disease Control website publishes recommended travel restrictions.

Should students or employees become ill during the scheduled spring break, they should seek immediate medical attention and not plan on returning to campus until cleared by their personal physician.  In such instances, the College will devise case by case educational or employment accommodations.  When students return to campus, the College will have implemented additional hygiene-sensitive serving procedures in the dining hall and will continue to remind students and employees of basic health practices to limit the spread of disease.

College personnel will continue to monitor the situation both nationally and internationally and will adjust its practices accordingly.  It is very important that the entire College community remain in communication.  The College website will always present the most up-to date-information.  Additionally, the College will use its emergency alert procedures to call attention to any significant change in its operational status or expectations of students and employees.

Finally, please join me in prayer for those affected by this pandemic.  There are individuals who are infected who need the healing power of Christ.  There are those who will be primary care-givers who need the protective presence of Christ. In a time of intense anxiety, we all need the peace of Christ.  It is an honor to voice this prayer on the behalf of the entire Judson College community.

W. Mark Tew, Th.D.