Department of Nursing holds vital signs clinic

The Nursing Department at Judson College sponsored a Vital Signs Clinic on campus for two days in early November. The clinic was supervised by Dr. Vera Davis, Assistant Professor of Nursing, and Susanne Barry, Adjunct Nursing Instructor. The clinic provided Judson’s nursing students the opportunity to measure blood pressure, pulse and respirations of volunteer participants, including Judson students, faculty, and staff. The 25 nursing student participants checked vitals signs of 120 people.

The idea for the Vital Signs Clinic was born out of a brainstorming session among nursing faculty. All faculty were involved in the planning and implementation of the project. Christine White, Clinical Coordinator, was instrumental in communicating with and scheduling student participants.

“The Nursing Department is blessed with a nursing faculty who desire to prepare nursing students to care for diverse and vulnerable populations, especially those in our immediate communities,” said Dr. Wanda Hayes, Assistant Professor of Nursing and Director of the Associate Degree in Nursing Program.

“We are excited to offer this clinic at Judson. We believe the clinic is beneficial in raising awareness of cardiovascular disease. In the future, we hope to offer additional opportunities regarding other health issues,” Hayes said.

This was the first Vital Signs Clinic offered at Judson College. The Nursing Department hopes to offer the clinic each semester to the Judson campus family, as well as to the Marion community.

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