Office of Career and Calling Initiatives to host Enneagram conference

Next week , Judson College’s Office of Career and Calling Initiatives will host an Enneagram: Know Your Number conference. Led by Erin and David Stamile, the conference will take place on Monday, March 9 (Part I) and Tuesday, March 10 (Part II) from 6:30-9:30pm. Dinner will begin at 5:45pm both days. To register for the dinner and conference, complete the form hereEnneagram

About the enneagram: The enneagram is an ancient spiritual tool that identifies nine basic personality types and how these personality types are expressed in our own lives and in our relationships with others. The enneagram helps us take an authentic look at our lives and our calling; it leads us to discernment, our struggle with sin, our ‘false self’ and the encounter with our true self in God.

The enneagram and YOU: Self-understanding is the first step in the process of identifying how one is uniquely designed to make a difference in the world. The enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding motivations behind behaviors and personality. Implementing this spiritual tool will assist students in their journeys to identify work that is meaningful and vocations that are suited to their values and motivations. Identification of a student’s enneagram number early on in her academic journey will assist her in interpersonal relationships during college as well. Beyond Judson, self-understanding will help alumnae in the work force navigate personal and professional relationships more successfully. Faculty and staff are also encouraged to attend because the enneagram is an invaluable tool for building strong teams.

About the presenters: David Stamile is a Resident Chaplain for Teal Residential College at Baylor University, where he is pursuing an M.Div. at Truett Seminary. David, a Pennsylvania native, received a B.A. in Sociology from Geneva College and an M.A. in American Studies from Baylor University.  It was at Geneva that David met Erin Stamile, a B.S. Psychology major from upstate New York. Erin Stamile received her M.S.Ed. in Higher Education & Student Affairs Administration from Baylor University, where she currently serves as a Program Coordinator in the Office of Prehealth Studies. David is currently apprenticed by enneagram master, Suzanne Stabile. He works with the enneagram daily and teaches it regularly through formal and informal interactions with students, colleagues, organizations, and friends.

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